vt wonen&design beurs

Every year, over six days in the RAI in Amsterdam, over 250 interior design experts present their new scoops and trends for that year. You can get personal advice from the experts and they will help you realize your personal housing needs.

The ‘Woonbeurs’ changed its name to ‘vt wonen&design beurs’ in 2015. Because of that change the website had an update as well. New requirements such as a personal environment for the customers in order to optimize their experience during the vt wonen&design beurs was my responsibility. The exhibitors had their own environment on the website where they could find the information they need for their company to rent a stand.

My responsibility as a Visual Interaction Designer (UX/UI) for the vt wonen& design beurs was to translate the requirements into a user-friendly design for visitors and exhibitors. I had to choose a new font that could be used for both print and online exposures. I came to the best results for the different target groups by analyzing the business, customers and exhibitors needs and working out all the possibilities for the different scenarios. Because the vt wonen&design beurs has a new theme every year, the site has been designed in such a way that the colors and images are easily changeable. Working closely with the stakeholders and the developers we were able to make a new website in a short amount of time.

www.vtwonen.nl (vt wonen&design beurs visitors)
www.vtwonen.nl (vt wonen&design beurs exhibitors)