Ouders van Nu

Ouders van Nu focuses on the relevant phase of the life of the child (fetus, baby, toddler and elementary school child ). The Ouders van Nu app aims at expecting parents and parents with a baby up to one year. The app needed an update. The big amount of information that Ouders van Nu has to offer and the whole user experience had to be drastically improved in a new app.

As a UX/UI designer in a multidisciplinary team, it was my responsibility that all elements came together. Being present from the start of the project, at first I translated all the requirements into clear and well-arranged wireframes and tackled most of the problems before we had to test and build the app.

By always keeping the user in mind, I came to the most user-friendly designs. Taking also into account what the technical possibilities and limitations are, we would come to a most efficient and fast method to deliver. Working out all the scenarios of a flow and communication about the interactions (with the tools I had at the time) to the developers as ready as possible so the questions would be limited.